TANGEDCO’s petition in MP. No. 05 of 2022 before the TNERC with regard to collection of additional surcharges for the period from April 2022 to September 2022- seeking approval – reg.

Interest on Security Deposit for the financial year 2021-2022 in respect of HT and LT Consumers – reg.

CFC (Revenue) instruction based on the TNERC order with regard to Rollover of banked units during the lockdown period– reg.

CERC draft notification on Renewable Energy Certification (REC) Regulation 2022 – reg.

Pooled Cost of Power Purchase for the year 2021-22 – reg

Availing Intra State Open Access Power below 1 MW – Case status before TNERC – reg.

Supreme Court direction to TNERC to bring Regulation regarding the “Priority of Adjustment” – reg

Election to the Urban Local Bodies, 2022-Paid Holiday to employees of factories on the day of poll–Instruction from the Labour Department- Reg

TNERC order for collection of “Additional Surcharge” for actual power drawn – reg

GST – Non-compliance (Deposit of GST collected & Filing of Return) by TANGEDCO – Status – Reg.