Status of (MP. No. 18 of 2020) Additional surcharge before the TNERC – reg

Publication of the “Discussion paper on determination of generic tariff for Wind power projects for 2021-22”- KERC inviting comments/suggestions -reg

Minutes of the Meeting with TNERC Chairman and Stakeholder on 18.02.2021- Reg

TANGEDCO – MP No.4 of 2021 before TNERC – seeking clarification for the fixation of tariff in certain manufacturing process – reg

Minutes of the 20th TAMC Meeting under ATUFS held on 23.2.2021 – reg

Publication of the “Consultative Paper for procurement of Solar Power by Distribution Licensee and related issues”- TNERC inviting comments/suggestions – reg

TANGEDCO guidelines in respect of online filing of HT application through web portal – reg.

Status of the MP (No. 18 of 2020) filed by TANGEDCO for levy of Additional Surcharge before the TNERC – reg.

Appointment of QCA by wind / solar generators in respect of forecasting& Scheduling – reg

Order of the TNERC in MP. No. 3 of 2019 on the subject of Repowering of wind mills – reg