TANGEDCO petition (MP. No. 01 of 2022) before the TNERC to amend the TNERC (Grid Interactive Solar PV Energy Generating Systems) Regulations, 2021 for extending Net Feed-in methodology to all HT consumers for the establishment of roof top / ground mounted SPV Plants within their premises irrespective of voltage level for all roof top loads of 1 MW and above – reg

Requirement of Solar power under Group Captive Arrangement (50 MW) – Seeking interest of member mills– reg.

Representation to CE (NCES) requesting to issue working instruction with regard to TNERC order on rollover of banked units during the lock down period – reg.

Proposal of Tariff revision by BESCOM before the Karnataka Regulatory Commission FY 2022-23 –reg

Rollover of banked units during the lockdown period–TNERC Order– reg.

Comments on the TNERC draft notification of “Intra State Open Access Regulation 2014” ( Priority of adjustment) – reg.

Availing Intra State Open Access Power below 1 MW – Case status before TNERC – reg.

Proposal of power tariff revision by two distribution companies (APSPDCL & APEPDCL) for the year 2022-23– reg.

Webinar/virtual session on GST in relation to Power related issues, Audit Advisory and briefing on latest Judgments – Reg.

Minutes of the Meeting (MoM) convened by M/s. Leap Green Energy Pvt. Ltd., with all Associations held on 13.12.2021 – reg