CMD/TANGEDCO – Powers delegated to SE/EDC for processing of applications for solar rooftop installations in HT premises – reg

CMD/TANGEDCO – Guidelines issued for implementation of Mandatory online filing of application for shifting of HT/LT services and shifting of lines/structures/equipment for HT/LT under DCW – reg

TNERC – Invited Comments on Draft TNERC (Forecasting, Scheduling and Deviation settlement and Related matters for Wind and Solar generation) Regulations 2023 – reg

Filing of an application by TANGEDCO before the Division Bench of Madras High Court on the 20/25 years old wind mills annual banking – reg

Issue of Consultative Paper by TNERC on Development of Intra-State Transmission System through the Tariff Based Competitive Bidding – reg

APERC keeps the Restrictions and Control measures in abeyance due to improvement in power supply position -reg

Restrictions and Control measures by power distribution companies of Andhra Pradesh-reg

Electricity – Reduction of Demand – Change of Metering Point is not necessary for the existing service connections i.e., before the effect of TNERC Distribution Code 2004 – High Court Order reg

TNERC Suo-motu Order for Determination of Power Tariff for Distribution and Non-tariff Miscellaneous charges for the year 2023-24-reg.

TANGEDCO – CE/NCES Instruction to the SE-EDCs of Coimbatore, Tiruppur and Namakkal to comply with the Court Order in respect of adjustment of Solar Project Security Deposit against the CC bill – reg