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The Southern India Mills’ Association

Committed to Foster the Growth of the Textile Industry


Name Work Allocation
Secretary General
+91 9790588882
  • Organise Committee meetings, meetings of member mills, meetings of various associations, meetings with government departments, etc., transact various agenda relating to various policies, matters, issues, etc., and formulate various strategies to ensure smooth functioning and growth of the member mills and the industry.
  • As the CEO of the association, manage all the secretarial functions, consultancy services, dissemination of information to the member mills, advising member mills on various matters, etc.
  • Liaise with the State and Central government departments, other industry organisations, associations relating to the textile industry, represent various Committees and formulate various policies, prepare reports, etc., to ensure a sustained growth of the textile industry.
  • Liaise with the trade unions, labour departments, member mills and facilitate maintaining good industrial peace.
  • Organise various conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, press meet, exhibitions, etc.
  • Maintain data bank relating the textile industry and constantly publish analytical reports.
  • Since SIMA functions as the one stop solution for all the activities relating to the textile industry across the value chain, constantly upgrade the knowledge base of the organisation by grooming the competency of the officers and the staff members of the association to provide quality services to the members and act as a bridge between the industry, institutes and various stake holders of the textile industry.
  • Being the Secretary General of SIMA Cotton Development and Research Association, manage all the Secretarial functions of SIMA CD&RA.
  • As the Secretary of SIMA Textile Processing Park Limited, a dedicated textile processing park being promoted by SIMA at Cuddalore, carry out all the secretarial work and manage the implementation of the park project work.
Mr.D.Suresh Ananda Kumar
Deputy Secretary General
+91 9790466668
  • All matters and services relating to SIMA, Textile Control Order, Filing of IEM & IM, TUF Scheme, Hank yarn obligation, Policy and other general functions, EPCG, Duty drawback, SIMA survey and statistics, matters relating to CII, CITI, TEXPROCIL, SIMA CD & RA, SITRA, Textiles Committee, BIS, other associations representing various sectors of the textile industry,
  • Committee of Young Directors (COYD), Expert Sub-Committees relating to technical, technical textiles and cotton; Regional Sub-Committees
  • Events & programmes
  • Integrated Skill Development Scheme, Ministry of Textiles
  • PMKVY Scheme
  • Publications (SIMA Review, annual report, any other books and periodicals)
  • SIMA Public Library; statistics relating to the industry, cotton prices, yarn prices and other data
  • Consumer Price Index
Mr.V Regurajan
Deputy Secretary General
+91 9952432966
  • Labour related areas (legal, industrial relations and HR)
  • Legal matters (court cases, MoUs, agreements, arbitration, etc.,)
  • Power related areas (Electricity Act., Electricity Regulatory Commission, Electricity Boards, cases relating to electricity, etc.)
  • Pollution issues (noise, air and water)
  • Placement services
  • Public relation and liaison activities with government departments, Electricity Boards, textile park related issues, member mills, etc.
  • Expert Committees relating to labor and power
  • Integrated Skill Development Scheme – HR related functions
Mrs.R Sivagama Sundari
Joint Secretary
+91 9952432669
  • Liaison with member mills
  • Communication with member mills
  • New mills admission, subscription and all other matters relating to accounts
  • SIMA Textile Processing Park
  • Skill development programme – accounts related matters
  • Exhibition and events
Mrs.Hema Mohan Kumar
Joint Secretary
+91 9952432470
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Indirect taxes – VAT, Customs, Central Excise, Service Tax
  • Direct Taxes – Income tax
  • Foreign Trade Policy – Imports & Exports,
  • Export incentives, import obligations including EPCG, Right to Information Act, Buyer (RBI related matters) and Company Law, Duty Drawback
  • Budget related issues, Expert Committees in the areas relating to taxation and Foreign Trade Policy
0422 4225333
  • SIMA Communications (circulars, e-Review)
  • Information on disposal, requirement of machinery, spares, hank yarn obligation (excess/short fall)
  • Any information relating SIMA, CITI, TEXPROCIL, Office of the Textile Commissioner, Ministry of Textiles and other Associations representing various sectors of the textile industry
+91 9952333058
  • Social auditing, SIMA power quest survey, power related issues, women employment code of conduct TuV certification, Electricity Boards, Electricity Regulatory Commissions, labour matters, cost of living index, placement services, pollution related issues, legal and court matters, communications relating to labour, legal, power, pollution, taxation, etc.
  • PMKVY Scheme
Senior Engineer
+91 9952404398
Senior Engineer
+91 9952333045
  • Industrial engineering services
  • Worker training
  • ISDS activities
  • Technofacts surveys
  • Technical surveys