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The Southern India Mills’ Association

Committed to Foster the Growth of the Textile Industry



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  • Meetings (Committee, Member mills, AGM) Memorandum, Representations, Press Meet/Release, disseminate information relating textile industry and policies
  • Liaison with Ministry of Textiles (Centre and Southern States), IEM, Hank Yarn Obligation, Handloom Reservation Act, CAB, CYAB, TUFS TAMC, IMSC, Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks, Technology Mission on Cotton, Marketing Regulation Act, CST Returns, etc.
  • Liaison with Textiles Committee, Bureau of Indian Standards, Cotton Corporation of India, NAFED, CAI, ICF, etc.
  • Liaison with CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, Chamber of Commerce, Employers Organisation of various textile segments in South India, TEXPROCIL, CITI, EFI, EFSI, etc.


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  • Disseminate information relating all legal matters, wages, bonus, PF, ESI, gratuity, pollution, etc., Handling matters relating to labour (PF, ESI, bonus, standing orders, women employment, NGOs, migrant workmen, etc)
  • Court cases relating to labour, power, civil matters, hank yarn obligation, MRTP, etc.
  • Liaise with trade unions, labour and welfare departments, inspector of factories
  • Code of conduct for women employment (TuV Certification)
  • Placement services, logistics (transport of textile goods)


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  • Disseminate information relating to power, electricity act, regulator commission orders, APTEL, court cases relating to electricity, wind power, solar power, open access power, exchange power, power supply/demand position, etc.
  • Facilitate power purchase, better evacuation of wind power, handling HSD oil and Furnace oil issues, energy conservation, energy audit, etc.

Number of mills serviced = 450

[su_spoiler title=”Economic Research Centre” anchor=”economic”]

  • Collect primary and secondary data and all information relating to textile industry from member mills, various industry bodies, government and other sources, maintain data bank and disseminate analytical reports periodically circulars (e-review, website, SIMA Review monthly bulletin, etc).
  • Market intelligence – collect raw material and finished product prices, supply, demand and stock positions, analyse data and disseminate information
  • Liaise with press and media and disseminate news relating to textiles
Type of statistical data available:
  • Statutory Returns and Consolidation
  • Facts and figures (Details of member mills, production, etc.)
  • Yarn Price Details
  • Cotton Price Details
  • Statistics of Indian Textiles
  • Cotton Balance Sheet
  • Area, yield, production, import and exports of cotton ( Egypt, China, USA, India and Pakistan)
  • Textiles at a glance


[su_spoiler title=”Industrial Engineering Division” anchor=”industrial”]

  • Scientific Work Norms and Manpower Planning
  • Systems Approach and Simplifications
  • Bench Marking Survey
  • Material Handling Study
  • Viability Study
  • Cost control Study
  • Performance Evaluation System (Staff & Workers)
  • Energy Audit
  • Organization and Method Study
  • Staff Study
  • Salary Fitment ( Staff)
  • Fixed Asset Valuation Study
  • Diagnostic Study

Labour Productivity Improvement : 30 – 50%

  • Scientific method of Worker Training (Part Analysis Training)
  • On the Job Training (Spinning , Weaving and Garmenting)
    • Fresher training
    • Retraining
  • Worker Teacher Training
Govt. Schemes
  • Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS)
    • Imparting training to fresh trainees under Ministry of Textiles
  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana Scheme (PMKVY)
    • Facilitating mills for the training under the scheme

Number of workers trained (Direct & Indirect) : 5 Lakh

Techno-facts Bench Marking Survey

A monthly survey which bench marks the following key performance indicators of spinning mills:

  • Utilisation %
  • Grams per spindle per 8 hours
  • HOK
  • OHS
  • UKG
  • Units per litre of diesel

Techno-facts performance awards are given for top ten performing mills every year.


[su_spoiler title=”HRD Centre” anchor=”hrd”]

  • Programmes at SIMA, Unit level Programmes, Regional Programmes
  • Residential Management Development Programme
  • Cotton Selection
  • Executive Development Programme
  • Supervisory Development Programme
  • Costing and Cost Control
  • Maintenance Management
  • Quality Management
  • Energy Management Programme
  • Purchase Management
  • Textile Marketing, Yarn Marketing
  • Stores Management
  • Training of Trainers
  • Programme on Labour Retention and Absenteeism Control
  • Industrial Relation and Personnel Management
  • Programme in Women Employment Machinery
  • Programme for Trade Unions
  • CEO Conferences (SIMA TEXSPIN)
  • PSG-SIMA Textile Technical Training Institute – prgrammes for technicians and students