Postponement of awareness Programme on “Competition in Textile Market” to third week of February 2024- reg.,

Request for comments / suggestions on BIS standard for Viscose Spun Yarn (Second revision) – reg

Awareness Programme on “Competition in Textile Market” at 3.00 pm on Thursday, 25.1.2024 at SIMA – reg

Participation in Bharat Tex 2024 – Opportunity to book stalls in subsidized charges in Tamil Nadu Pavilion – reg

Two-days Workshop on Technical Textiles on 2.2.2024 and 3.2.2024 at Coimbatore

Guidelines for implementation of National Apprenticeship Promotion scheme – 2 (NAPS) – reg

Request to furnish grievances (requiring governmental address) faced by the industry – reg

CITI & SIMA events on 31st August 2023 and 1st September 2023 at Coimbatore

Tender for supply of 1000 MT of 40s K Grey Cotton Cone Warp Yarn for Distribution of Sarees and Dhoties Scheme Pongal 2023-24 -reg

Minutes of the 9th IMSC meeting under ATUFS – reg.,