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The Southern India Mills’ Association

Committed to Foster the Growth of the Textile Industry

Finding solution to overcome the issues in handling migrant workmen and to restore the good work culture and practices

Member mills may be aware that during the last 15 years a paradigm change has evolved in the employment of labour in textile industry. It started by introduction of various time bound schemes and later on the men workers were replaced with women workers and then by migrant workers mostly from North India. Day by day, the percentage of migrant workers are on increasing trend. Due to these factors, mills are finding difficult to manage them to achieve maximum production, machine utilization and optimum man power, leading to delay in delivery of goods, deterioration in quality and high cost of production.

Time has now come to find a solution to overcome the prevailing labour culture and practices, for the very existence of the textile mills.

Hence, the Association is organizing an half a day session “Changes required in engagement and handling of migrant workmen and to restore the good work culture and practices” on Saturday, 20th January, 2018 from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm at the Association Conference hall, 41, Race Course Coimbatore -18.

The member mills are therefore advised to depute maximum number of HR Personnel and Line Managers to attend the session and derive benefit out of it by submitting the e-nomination form (link given below).

Member mills may kindly note that there is no participation fee but registration is compulsory.