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Aadhaar mandatory to get fertilizer subsidy

Retail sales of fertilizers shall now be sold only through Point of Sale (PoS) devices starting from January 1, 2018, in order to monitor the fertilizer subsidy for farmers. All retail sales has now been linked with PoS devices and issue of fertilizers against subsidy for farmers will be made only on producing the Aadhaar card. In order to electronically monitor the direct subsidy of fertilizers given to the fertilizer companies for the benefit of beneficiaries, the retail sale of fertilizers is linked through PoS, the administration has said.
According to the administration, over 132 primary agriculture cooperative societies and 255 private fertilizer retailers have been issued PoS devices in August 2016 here in the district. According to the release, farmers are expected to produce the Aadhaar card in order to get the fertilizer. This was to ensure there was no pilferage of fertilizer subsidy through illegal sale. Further, farmers will also be guaranteed that the fertilizers will not be hoarded or sold past their expiry date, the release said. Further the administration has warned of cancellation of licences of dealers, if sale of fertilizer is made without proper billing. Farmers have been urged to report to the Joint Director of Agriculture, Dharmapuri, in the event of sale of fertilizers without billing.