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Andhra Pradesh to utilise Singapore’s expertise in developing construction industry

The Indian State of Andhra Pradesh will now utilise the expertise of Singapore in building a vibrant and productive real estate and construction industry. In this connection, Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Andhra Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (APRERA). A consortium of Singapore construction firms is finalising a textile park design and construction project with the Andhra Pradesh developers worth SGD60 million. In addition to this, construction companies of Singapore like Tiong Seng and CKR are in talks with developers in Andhra Pradesh to provide precast solutions.
“Our collaboration with APRERA is an important step in sharing knowledge and deepening our engagement with India. We will continue to develop this strong partnership to help them address areas of needs and introduce Singapore firms that can contribute towards the development in Andhra Pradesh,” said Hugh Lim, chief executive officer of BCA.
“With APRERA driving quality and on-time delivery of real estate projects in Andhra Pradesh, Singapore firms will be able to value-add to these efforts as they have built up expertise and experience in these knowledge areas,” he added.
Notably, APRERA is the authority overseeing the orderly development of the real estate sector (especially residential properties) in Andhra Pradesh.
Around 30 companies are joining the delegation with BCA on the mission trip to Andhra Pradesh. These companies include contractors, consultants, material suppliers, IT firms and trading and investment firms.
These companies have expressed interest in venturing into the market in Andhra Pradesh. Construction companies like Tiong Seng and CKR are in talks with developers there to provide precast solutions.
In addition to this, One Singapore Town, a consortium of A Alliance Architect, Pacific Prince Investment and Eyota Engineering, is in the advanced stage of finalising a textile park design and construction project worth SGD60 million
Further, an Andhra Pradesh developer also met with Singapore firms recently to explore opportunities to develop economic cities in the State. .
“There are ample opportunities in Andhra Pradesh for Singapore enterprises at this phase of city building. Our Indian counterparts can leverage on Singapore expertise and experience in building not just the city infrastructure or ‘hardware’ but also on growing the soft elements of a nurturing and gathering of human capital from all over the world,” said Pek Lian Guan, executive director and chief executive officer of Tiong Seng Holdings Limited.
Highlights of Memorandum of Understanding
Under the MOU, BCA and APRERA will collaborate to enhance the capabilities of APRERA to promote and create a safe, high quality, environment-friendly and productive built environment in Andhra Pradesh. BCA will share knowledge and expertise relating to the set-up, operation, experience and best practices in the following areas:
10. 1) BCA’s initiatives to create a safe built environment in Singapore through the Construction and Real Estate Network (CORENET) e-Submission system for project approvals.
11. 2) BCA’s Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) and Bonus System for Construction Quality (BSCQ) for quality construction procurement,
12. 3) BCA’s Green Building Roadmaps and Green Mark Certification to promote environmental sustainability in the built environment, and
13. 4) BCA’s Construction Productivity Roadmaps to enhance the quality of Singapore’s construction workforce and the adoption of productive technologies to ensure cost effective and timely delivery of construction projects.
BCA will also be conducting three-day briefings in Singapore for senior Andhra Pradesh officials. The officials will also be visiting consultants’ offices, construction sites and precast production sites to get an in-depth understanding of the built environment in Singapore.
The capital city of Amravati will set a new yardstick in the contruction landscape of India. Photo courtesy: ccdmc.co
In addition, there will be three-day deep dive training sessions conducted in Vijayawada for the urban development and housing related agencies and private sector developers and contractors selected by APRERA.
Notably, Singapore has been involved in helping Andhra Pradesh build its capital city Amaravati since 2014 under the MOU signed between the Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh and Enterprise Singapore.