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CCRI New Cotton Variety Gets Commercial License

Central Cotton Research Institute’s (CCRI) variety BT CIM-632 got commercial license and farmers could cultivate it for getting produce upto 40 maund per acre.
The Punjab Seed Council has issued the license to the CCRI.
Earlier, the variety was prepared and trialled by scientists of Central Cotton Research Institute for period of two years.
After getting approval from National Coordinated Varietal Trial (NCVT), a national level forum of scientists hailing from all provinces for complete inspection of new cotton varieties, the CCRI variety CIM-632 was presented to Punjab Seed Council for issuance of commercial license.
Recently, Punjab Seed Council awarded commercial license for the new variety.
The new variety of CCRI is capable of good resistance against climate change, pink boll worm, white flies, and other viruses.
CCRI sources informed the variety would bring about revolution in cotton sector. It is considered as one of the leading production variety in the country.
To a query about its expected production, the CCRI officials informed that it had capacity to offer over 4O maunds/per acre.
It is pertinent to mention here that an average productionof cotton in the country is nearly 21 to 25 maund per acre.