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‘Centre, TN govts should interevene;reduce silk yarn price’

A silk weavers body, which is on an indefinite stir here for the past one week,demanding reduction in silk yarn price, today urged the Centre and Tamil Nadu governments to intervene in the issue and reduce the price.
The Handloom Silk Weavers Association, representing about 1.5 lakh weavers in Erode, Tirupur, Coimbatore and Namkakkal districts made this demand at a meeting here today. Association Secretary Rangaraj said the meeting passed a resolution to this effect.
It said silk yarn price had shot up to Rs 4,900 a kg of China silk and Rs 4,500 a kg of Bengaluru silk against Rs 3600 and Rs 3300 a kg three to six months back. As a result,weavers could not buy the yarn and sell it at a higher price after production. In another resolution, the metting urged the Tamil Nadu Government to increase mulberry cultivation in the state. It demanded that the Government arrange for increase in silk yarn production in Tamil Nadu,for which all subsidies and arrangements should be made for silk yarn weavers’ benefit.
The meeting also decided to take out rallies in the four districts on January 24 to draw the Tamil Nadu government’s attention to their plight.