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China viscose sector launches sustainability roadmap

Ten major Chinese viscose producers which together make up an estimated 50 per cent of the world’s supply have released a new joint 3-year roadmap for the sustainable development of the viscose manufacturing industry in China.
In partnership with two Chinese textile trade associations, the roadmap requires its members to adopt a new framework to help clean up the sector through the adoption of industry best practise and alignment with international manufacturing standards such as the ZDHC wastewater discharge guidelines, or the completion of a Higg Index FEM 3.0 self-assessment. Other required standards include being certified to the STeP by Oeko-Tex standard at level 1 or above. The new roadmap stipulates that all viscose cellulosic raw materials should be certified to either FSC or PEFC traceability standards as well as the local environmental standard BG/T 14463 for viscose staple fibre production.