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CM Kumaraswamy instructs Garment and Textile Manufacturers’ delegation to provide all facilities, safety measures to its workers

Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy instructed a Garment and Textile Manufacturers’ delegation who visited him today, to provide all facilities and safety measures to garment and textile workers in the state.
CM told the delegation that there are thousands of people, a majority of them women working in Bengaluru and nearby districts in garment and textile manufacturing sector. He instructed them to ensure the welfare of these workers and said adequate security should be provided for the workers who work in night shifts.
The delegation sought all support from the government for the Garment and textile Manufacturing sector and said that the sector provides employment to thousands of women and trains them for employment.
CM assured the delegation members that government will give all due support to the industry and told the delegation to ensure timely payment of due wages to the workers to their accounts.
Government to set up a Committee to probe the issues faced by Taxi-Cab drivers
Responding to the complaints against the app-based cab aggregators that they are giving a raw deal to the cab owner/drivers, Chief Minister H D Kumara Swamy today directed the Transport Commissioner and Principal Secretary of Transport Department to look into the matter immediately.
A delegation from the Taxi drivers/ owners association met the CM today to discuss the problems faced by the drivers engaged by app-based cab service providers. The delegation members pointed told CM that many of the cab owners are struggling to stay in the industry as their income has seen a sharp fall with app- based service providers slashing the incentives and payouts.
The further requested the government to intervene immediately pointing out that the operations by the app-based cab service providers have adversely affected the traditional taxi providers too.
CM said that there are allegations that the app-based cab services pay less to the drivers and are engaged in profiteering, and this issue should be resolved at the earliest. CM directed concerned officials to form a committee to investigate the allegations, and to hold meetings with all stakeholders to address the issues.