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Cotton buying remains moderate amid better grades in focus

The cotton trading remained modest amid firm spot rate and around 1,500 bales changed hands. The Karachi Cotton Association (KCA) spot rate remained intact at Rs 7,500 per maund, the traders said.
They said the buyers bought all qualities of lint offered by the ginners during the trading session besides spinners and mills purchased quality cotton on slightly higher prices during the session while leading ginners sensing future demand of quality lint offered fewer stocks on higher prices to the buyers.
Ghulam Rabbani, a senior trader said the buyers were accepting a bit higher prices as the leading millers and spinners bought around 600 bales at Rs around 7,525 per maund during the session.
He said the leading buyers would remain eager for quality lint on slightly higher prices on the back of growing demand of garments and yarn.
He said there leading end users would likely to go for further import of quality cotton in near future for meeting foreign and domestic end-products demands.
A senior broker said the private sector commercial exporters of Sindh and Punjab made deals for quality cotton at around Rs 7,550 per maund while ginners of Sindh offered raw lint to the buyers around Rs 5,975 per maund, depending on trash level.
Around 200 bales of upper Sindh changed hands at Rs 7,050 per maund, 200 bales of Mirpurkhas at Rs 6,975 per maund, 100 bales of Yazman at Rs 7,225 per maund and 100 bales of Multan changed hands at Rs 7,200 per maund.
He said market remained steadier tones as the buyers were looking for better lots for Rs 7,500 to 7,575 per maund. New York Cotton July 2018 Future closed at 86.18 cents per pound and October 2018 Future closed at 86.36 cents per pound.