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Export Refunds Under GST Are Being Expedited

Additional Commissioner, GST, Delhi, Mr. Sachin Jain assured business and trading communities that their export relating refunds would be expedited quickly as the government staff has been working on it with faster pace and speed and advised the members to be little more patient. Mr. Jain admitted that grey areas still remain though fewer in number relating to GST in general and with the passage of time, these would also be addressed to the best and optimum satisfaction of all stakeholders.
He pointed out that GST being a new legislation and a remarkable financial reform undertaken in the history of India’s taxation reforms, it is natural that government takes time to resolve the remaining clich and therefore, trade and businesses should understand this compulsion of government machinery.
So far as refunds are concerned in general and particularly those that are yet to be released on export front would be facilitated shortly as the functionaries in the government are promptly engaged on this front, pointed out Mr. Jain adding that the government would continue to handhold those that sound aggrieved as on date. He advised the trade and business communities to directly approach the respective offices for their GST related grievances in case such grievances stay put unaddressed through written mode as government machinery is quite pro-active in disposing of the pending complaints of trade and business communities.
Chairman, Indirect Taxes Committee, PHD Chamber, Mr. Bimal Jain in his observations admitted that with each passing day a substantial progress is noticed in disposing of the concerns of the trade and business communities on GST front including matters arising out of E-Way Bill mechanism, composition scheme and job work transaction, yet glitches stay on and the aggrieved should have patience for redressal of their queries.