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Farmers get better price as cotton arrival begins

The arrival of cotton started picking up in the grain markets of Hisar, Bhiwani and Adampur on Monday, with the farmers getting comparatively better prices for their produce than the Centre’s minimum support price (MSP). The MSP for cotton is Rs 5,150 while the prevailing market price is about Rs 5,350 per quintal, with the millers procuring the produce. In Hisar, about 200 quintals of cotton arrived on Monday, which was mostly purchased by millers. A commission agent said farmers get Rs 5,300 to Rs 5,400 per quintal, depending upon the quality of the produce.
The Adampur market, which is a hub for cotton procurement, too saw significant arrival of produce and farmers fetched better than the MSP. Amit Kumar, a commission agent in Adampur, said though the quality was not up to the mark as there was moisture in it, the demand from millers was on the higher side, resulting in better prices.
Fatehabad grain market too saw the arrival of about 150 quintals. Market committee secretary Sanjeev Kumar said farmers had fetched approximately Rs 5,350 per quintal for the produce on Monday.
In Bhiwani, farmers brought about 50 quintals of cotton produce to the mandi. The commission agents, however, rued that produce was of bad quality and had moisture.
Prakash, a farmer, however, alleged that he did not get even Rs 5,000 per quintal for his crop.
Meanwhile, the Kisan Sabha has announced to start a dharna in Hisar and Bhiwani district, demanding special girdawari and compensation for the cotton farmers. Kisan Sabha president Sher Singh said the sudden wilt had affected the cotton crop in Bhiwani, resulting in about 50 per cent damage.
“There is about 70 per cent to 30 per cent damage to the crop in the region due to sudden wilt this season. The farmers are suffering huge losses. We will start dharnas at the offices of the sub divisional magistrates (SDMs) and deputy commissioner (DC) at the sub division and district level, respectively, from Tuesday,” he added.