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Finally, customs allows export of non-perishable commodities

The cargo terminal at the international airport is expecting a considerable change in its commodity profile soon, as the customs department has issued a notification which would encourage exporters to consign non-perishable commodities (general cargo). It has been receiving 99% of perishable commodities ever since it was declared as a cargo port in 2011.
Exporters here had been accusing customs authorities of discouraging and turning away non-perishable consignments and making them run from pillar to post on the same. They had been complaining that only perishable commodities will not help increase the volume of cargo being lifted from here after the much-awaited launch of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) facility. Following several representations received from exporters and importers from the Trichy International Airport, the commissioner of customs (preventive) has issued a notification by activating Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS). Since the notification has come into force, a number of exporters particularly from the neighbouring district like Karur (dealing textile and garment) and ancillary industries is Trichy will begin using Trichy cargo terminal.

The scheme is coming under foreign trade policy from which the government will provide a certain percentage of incentive to the exporter as well as the importer to encourage export. This will be applicable for certain commodities and certain foreign destinations. As per the new scheme, exporters will get 2 to 5% as incentive for perishable commodities from Agricultural and Processed food products Export Development Authority (APEDA).

Whereas, non-perishable commodities would attract a maximum of 10% of incentive. This would encourage the exporters to consign non-perishables also, a senior official from cargo terminal in Trichy airport said.

“Drawback duty or change of import duty can be claimed if we consign commodities under the scheme. As of now, 99 per cent of commodities which are handled at Trichy International Airport is perishable like vegetables, fruits and flowers. The remaining one per cent alone constitute non-perishables. Hereafter this trend will change. This will pave way for the exporters, customs, Airport Authority to earn more revenue”, said a leading exporter in Trichy.