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Need job security and better on-site facilities’

‘Kavitha Rani H.M., executive committee member, Garment and Textile Workers’ Union, who works in a factory in Mandya
Women in garment factories work at a furious pace in an attempt to meet the unrealistically high targets set by supervisors. They often complain about back ache and develop allergies after working for a few months.
To make the work environment favourable to women, factories should first reduce work pressure by setting realistic daily targets and allowing women to rest a bit during work hours.
As attrition is high, factories should try to incentivise those who put in more than five years in one place. Job security is an important factor that women want.
It would also be a good move for garment factories to have on-site facilities such as canteens and nurseries for children. This will offer much relief to the workers as many travel long distances to their workplace.
Currently, insurance is applicable only in hospitals in Mysuru and Bengaluru. The ESI facility should be extended to at least two hospitals in every taluk and district headquarters.