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Pink Bollworm attack adds to Hyderabad cotton farmers

Cotton farmers suffering huge loss due to pink bollworm attack in the erstwhile Adilabad district have been left in the lurch with the government not taking measures to ensure compensation from the seed companies or insurance firms.The farmers sowed seeds in the month of June and July, which germinated in one go following heavy shower. As a result, farmers expected bumper crop yield this year. However, their hopes soon doomed after pink bollworm attacked the crops during the flowering stage in August.
Many of the farmers suffered crop loss. Geddam Thukaram of Paddi K village reaped 14 quintal of yield from his seven acres of land. He suffered loss as this year’s yield was much less the usual one due to pink bollworm attack. In a similar vein, the crop yield for K Devdas just 25 quintal when compared to last year’s 70 quintal. “ I have stopped cultivating cotton and have switched to green grams,” said a disappointed Devdas, who incurred heavy loss during the financial year.
What seems to be daunting task for the debt-ridden farmers is the repayment of loans. Many of them have taken the extreme step of committing suicide. According to agriculture officials, the crop yield has gone down by 2-3 quintal due to pink bollworm attack. It is also learnt that the cotton arriving the market yards of Adilabad, Bhainsa and Asifabad districts are actually from Maharashtra.
The data by marketing officials revealed that private traders purchased 14,55,019 quintals of cotton. In this regard, 1,59,852 quintal of cotton was purchased below the support price of Rs 4,320 per quintal. Meanwhile, 3,10,223 quintal of cotton were purchased in between the support price of Rs 4,171 to Rs 4,320 per quintal Also, spurious seeds menace added to the woes of the farmers.