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Rain brings respite to farmers

Heavy rains lashed at various places of the district on Friday and Saturday giving a fresh lease of life to withering red gram, green gram, black gram and cotton crops. The district recorded moderate rainfall during the past 48 hours. The rains served as the boon to the farmers who have given up their hope on the recovery of cotton crop.
Rain Gods have shown mercy on the farmers perhaps understanding their plight. On Friday night, the Peddemul mandal recorded a rainfall of 27.2mm on Saturday. The farmers who have taken up deweeding of their crops on Saturday morning on account of the rain soon have to give it up as more rain lashed the mandal on Saturday morning. Elsewhere in Vikarabad district recorded the following amount of rainfall during the past 48 hours: Parigi-40.2mm, Doma-21.2mm, Puduru-38.4 mm and Kulkacharla-16.6mm.
In Puduru, the farmers resumed agricultural operations following the rains and started sowing seeds of maize and cotton. In Kodangal Assembly constituency, continuous downpour was experienced since Friday afternoon. Doultabad mandal recorded a rainfall of 27.2mm. On account of the rain, dried tanks, ponds and other minor irrigation sources are full of water. The rains brought respite to red gram, maize and cotton crops.
Meanwhile, residents of Madaveedhipalle on the outskirts of Annaram took out a procession to Lord Anjaneya temple performing bhajans. They performed special pujas for rains. Dharur mandal experienced a continuous rain of three hours from 12 noon on Saturday brining joy to soybean, turmeric, cotton, maize and red gram farmers. On the whole Ranga Reddy district experienced 5.4mm rainfall, Vikarabad recorded 35mm and Medchal received 2.3mm during the past 24 hours.
While Kesampet in RR district recorded the highest rainfall of 30 mm, Shamirpet in Medchal district recorded the highest rainfall of 14 mm on Saturday. The following are the chief amounts of rainfall recorded at various places in Vikarabad district during the past 24 hours (mm): Vikarabad-35, Marpalli-8.2, Mominpet-12, Nawabpet-3.6, Dharur-45.4, Peddemul-27.2, Bantwaram-21.6, Kotpalli-23, Kulakacharla-16.6, Puduru-38.4, Doma-21.2, Parigi-40.2 mm, Tandur-4.8mm, Basheerabad-10 mm, Yalal-9.0, Kodangal-16.8, Doultabad-27.2 and Bomraspet-13.6.