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Ryots reap rich dividends with organic cotton

Tribals of Parvathipuram agency area were on cloud nine for getting good money for their produce. Organic farmers earning good income not only on fruits and vegetables but also commercial crops. Generally, people are willing to pay more price to organic fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables. Even the farm expenditure is also very less in organic natural farming as they use only cow dung, cow urine and some herbal extracts. The government is also promoting natural farming in the state and imparting training to the farmers across the state. Some foreign agencies are coming forward to pay more to the commercial crop like cotton which is being grown in natural farming mode.
Anvita Organic, Grameena Vikas Kendram, along with Jattu Trust, is working to help cotton farmers to shun chemicals and reduce their cost of cultivation by encouraging them to produce cotton in natural way using natural inputs like non-BT seeds, ‘Jeewamrutham’ and ‘Neemasthram’. By using these inputs, they cut down the cost of cultivation for the cotton farmers by 80 per cent. Anvita Organic and Jattu Trust promoted the cotton farmers towards natural farming in Kothavalasa, Dorjammu, Buddemkarja in Kurupam and GL Puram mandals.
They distributed non-BT seeds to 42 farmers in those villages and supported them in growing cotton in organic module After a successful season, they purchased organic cotton from these farmers by paying at Rs 4,900 per quintal which is Rs 500 more than the cotton grown in modern way. Now, the other farmers are showing interest to follow this method. K Ganapathi, a farmer of Kothavalasa said: ‘I am happy to say that organic cotton brought more price. I have been following the natural farming method and spent very less on my crops. Now, other farmers are also approaching me to guide them in this mode.” Dr D Pari Naidu, executive trustee, said: “Farming in a natural way helps to protect the soil health and we can protect the environment from the chemicals. We have to expand this type of cultivation to other areas. It is our responsibility to save our water, air, soil from the chemicals and pollution.”