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SGPC seeks security provisions for women in new textile policy

South Gujarat Productivity Council (SGPC) has suggested to the state government a number of security provisions for women in the new textile policy, which is scheduled to be announced by it soon. SGPC wants a government portal through which work could be assigned to women, a special policy for units run by women or those having more than 60 per cent female workforce. Sexual harassment cells and hostel facilities for them in the industrial areas.
SGPC president Asha Dave sai, An estimated 14 lakh people work in textile sector of surat and 15 per cent of them are women, However, only 9.5 lakh are registered with the labour department. Menials jobs in the textile sector are done by women and they need maximum care and protection. The government should reserve lace and embroidery work etc., for women and assign such jobs to them through its portal only. The Women will get right remuneration for the work done by them and not be cheated.
She said many women come to Surat city for work from nearby towns and villages. Therefore, these working women should have hostel facilities in the city. Safety and security of women should be of a paramount importance to the authorities. Thus, SGPC has asked for sexual harassment cells in industrial areas and a special policy for units run by women or those having more than 60 per cent female work force. Dace in a letter to the chief minister has also demanded from the state government identity cards for all the labourers working in the textile industry. If a labourer’s antecedents have been verified, he would hesitate to commit any crime or harass a female co-worker in a unit.