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Spain to transfer modern textile technology to Pakistan: envoy

FAISALABAD: The Spanish ambassador will visit Faisalabad very soon to evaluate the opportunities in the wake of CPEC. Zia Alumdar Hussain, president Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI), had a meeting with Spanish Ambassador Manuel Duran and discussed various issues regarding the bilateral trade.
Spanish Ambassador Manuel Duran acknowledged the importance of Faisalabad in the economy of Pakistan, saying it could not be ignored because of its excellence in the textile field. “I shall personally visit Faisalabad to interact with the business community. Spain is ready to support Pakistan by transferring the latest technology for the up-gradation of its existing industrial units,” he added.
The FCCI president said that predominantly Pakistan was an agro-industrial country. He said that despite its production edge, Pakistan was still exporting raw or semi-finished goods to other countries and it needs the latest technology to produce the fully-finished products to cater to the needs of developed countries. He also invited the Spanish ambassador to visit the FCCI to personally evaluate its export potential in addition to interacting with the local businessmen.
He also floated a proposal of sending a trade delegation to Spain so that direct relations could be cultivated between the business communities of the two countries. Later, Jawad Asghar presented the FCCI shield to the Spanish envoy.