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Supply power at Rs 5 per unit: Industrialists

Industrialists have reminded the government of its pre-poll promise of providing electricity to all industrial units in the state at Rs 5 per unit.
A leading yarn manufacturing unit proprietor Kamal Dalmia said the government offered Rs 5 per unit base rate to industry, while they have to pay the fixed cost separately, which takes the power tariff to Rs 7.30 per unit. What is making matters difficult for them is that the lesser they run their industrial unit, higher is the power tariff that they are forced to pay.
He said still there was respite compared to domestic users where the tariff is Rs 10.50 per unit. However, it is yet on higher side in comparison to neighbouring states
In addition, there is around two-hour daily power cut on industries. It forced them to switch over to diesel-run power generators which cost about Rs 25 per unit.
He added that the hiked diesel cost was also telling upon the raw material coming from outside state. The price of polyester filament yarn and nylon filament yarn has recorded around 20 per cent rise in its prices during the last six months.
Industrialists have sought supplying of power at lower rates to revive the vanishing industries in the state.
Punjab Pradesh Beopar Mandal (PPBM) president PL Seth said the industry was going through a rough patch as majority of the units reached stagnation and were beset with high running cost and intense competition from outside.
He said post-independence, Amritsar has seen vanishing of its textile processing, fan manufacturing, carpet weaving and pharmaceutical industrie.
These labour intensive industries offered jobs to skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labourers. It even attracted migrants from states like UP and Bihar to come to holy city to earn their livelihood.