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TNPCB revokes closure order on 23 dyeing units

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) has revoked the closure orders issued on 23 dyeing units attached to Eastern Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) last month following indiscriminate discharge of untreated effluents into Manickapuramputhur irrigation tank.
The issue of discharge of untreated effluents came to light after people in the locality complained about raw effluents getting discharged into the irrigation tank through a feeder canal.
Subsequently, the units were sealed by the TNPCB officials on September 12 as prima facie inquiry itself revealed that there was a leak in one of the pipelines that took the effluents from member dyeing units to the Eastern CETP.
It should be noted that Madras High Court had ordered the dyeing units in Tirupur knitwear cluster to comply with zero liquid discharge norms in effluent treatment process.
TNPCB District Environmental Engineer K. Elankumaran told The Hindu that the effluents got discharged into the water body following an accidental break of one of the pipelines which took the effluents to the CETP.
“The damaged pipeline has now been replaced under the supervision of our officials. Since its operation effectiveness is satisfactory, the closure orders were revoked,” he said.

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