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Traders, weavers oppose new GST form for fabrics

Textile Traders and Powerloom weavers have opposed GST department’s decision on mandatory submission of GST invoice format for job work to avoid e-way bill of unfinished fabrics in transit with in the city limits.
Last month, GST officials had raided many industrial estates and textile markets in the city where unfinished goods in tempos were seized for not having e-way bill. When the power loom weavers opposed the action, the GST department came up with mandatory rule for submitting GST kob work form to avoid direct sale of unfinished fabrics in trnasit.
According to the new format, traders and power loom weavers will have to fill up the form with registered GST number, consigner and consignee names, distance of the good delivery, quality and quantity of the goods, value of the goods, number of the unfinished grey bundles, delivery challan number etc.
Leader of power loom sector, Mayur Golwala saidm “State GST commissioner had issued a notification in September 2018 stating that unfinished fabrics meant for job work will not have to generate e-way bill. However, the GST officials raided industrials estates and demanded e-way bull for the fabric stock meant for job work. Now they come up with a new form where traders and weavers will have to authenticate that the stock is meant for job work.