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Uzbekistan increases export of textile products

Textile products’ export in Uzbekistan amounted to $316.9 million in 1Q18, which is 14.7 percent more compared to the 1Q17, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said.
According to the information, the share of textile products in the total export volume was 7.8 percent in 1Q18. The main export commodity of the Uzbek light industry is still the cotton yarn, which accounts for 58.9 percent ($186.5 million) of the total textile export volume.
Knitted clothes and garments accounted for 21.3 percent ($67.4 million) of the total volume. The third position was held by cotton fabrics and knitted fabrics ($15.2 million).
The silk export valued $10 million, which is 92.3 percent more than in the 1Q17. President of Uzbekistan completely reorganized the light industry of the republic in December 2017. Uzbekistan has been counting on the creation of cotton-textile clusters since beginning of 2018. This model implies the organization of a single production cycle, which includes cultivation of raw cotton, primary processing, further processing at cotton cleaning enterprises and production of final textile products with high added value.
In 2018, some 140,900 hectares of land were allocated to cotton-textile clusters. The organizer of a cotton-textile cluster independently signs and advances direct contracts on cultivation and supply of raw cotton with farms. The price of raw cotton, purchased by textile enterprises, is set independently by the organizer of a cotton textile cluster, taking into account the costs and profitability of farms.