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Surat weavers get support from South Gujarat clusters

Power loom weaving clusters in South Gujarat including Valsad, Vapi and Umbergaon have supported the power loom weavers in and around Surat demanding reduction in electricity tariff on the lines of Maharashtra.
The Valsad and Umbergaon power loom clusters have submitted a representation to the State government for granting of subsidy for electricity tariff on the lines of Maharashtra.
Industry leaders said that the Umbergaon GIDC has 100 units of textile weaving industry employing 15,000 workers directly producing shirting and suiting fabrics. Majority of the units have been set up by the Mumbai-based industrialists and now they are facing stiff competition due to low power tariff in Bhiwandi and Tatapur in Maharashtra.
According to the industry association, the average per unit electicity tariff for industries in Gujarat comes at Rs 7.10, whereas it is Rs 3.54 per unit in Maharashtra.
The Federation of Gujarat Weavers Association (FOGWA) has been representing the Gujarat government from the last two months for the reduction of power tariff in the new textile policy. The prime reason for the reduction in power tariff is to stop the power loom weavers shifting base from Surat and South Gujarat to neighbouring Maharashtra.
FOGWA office -bearers stated that the new textile policy under formulation needs a better understanding of the textile policy framed by the Maharashtra government and the benefits provided to the textile entrepreneurs including the reduced power tariff.
Two days ago, FOGWA had written a letter to Gujarat’s chief secretary, JN Singh for organising joint study tour to the industrial clusters of Navapur and Tarapur in Maharashtra. Also, the copies of the electricity bills of the unit owners in Maharashtra have been sent to the chief secretary to know the exact amount of tariff reduction enjoyed by the weavers in Maharashtra.