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Turkish technical textiles exports up 20%

Turkey’s technical textile exports grew by 20.1% to US$ 898 million in the first half of 2018. The most exported product group from January to June was nonwovens. Exports of these products increased by 30.6% and were worth around US$ 294 million. This product group accounted for 32.7% of total technical textile exports. The second major product group in the first half of 2018 was packaging products, worth around US$ 182 million. Total technical textile exports account for 20.2%.
The product group that recorded the biggest growth in the first half of the year was parachute fabrics. Exports of these products rose by 135.7%, compared to the same period last year.
Germany became the most important export market. Technical textile exports made to Germany during this period were worth US$84 million, with an increase of 23.6%.
The second most important country was Italy, with an export value of US$ 58 million and an increase of 15.8%. The third export market was the USA. This country imported US$ 58.5 million worth of technical textile products from Turkey in the first half of the year. The share of the USA was 6.5%.
Exports worth US$ 480 million were realised in the 28 EU member countries, with an increase of 26.1%. With this exports figure, the share of the EU was 53.4%